• Must trust survival instincts to drive us to save ourselves
  • Person-to-person, city-to-city, & nation-to-nation
  • We must be honest facing extinction is now beyond real
  • We must trust ourselves to act

Max impact amount

  • Global problem requiring global solutions
  • Beyond governement, we require WW3 level civilian dedication, mobilization & action
  • Education, education, education... People must understand the benefits of investments are beyond short term return because investments now pay off for centuries

Min expense amount

  • Communities colloborate in order to minimize costs, risks, planning time & management costs
  • Use software to ensure no cost over-runs or project failures. While generating live real-time feedback on progressions
  • Openly calculate 2050 cost of idleness (multiple times more expensive) vs. action (saves money) and use that for economic incentive
  • Citizens assemblies ensure fastest, smoothest successful transitions imaginable, while reshaping &/or creating industries

Net Zero 2030 - Avoid Economic Catastrophes

  • Avoid upto 500 Trillion dollars per year decrease in global economic production potential
  • Forever secure energy prices globally
  • Stabalize national economies
  • Prevent endless wars for food, water, and home heating
  • Avoid nuclear war over deminishing resources