About Open Oneness


We love Truth

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the  United Nations body for assessing the science related to our climate crisis/emergency.

Truth is we need all our actions, and all of us people must do everything imaginable to save not only ourselves but our world.

We live Purpose

Zero Carbon is so hard yet critical.

Helping save billions of people is the ultimate reason to get out of bed.

Everything we do, we do for love.

All our budgets are made using democratic voting to ensure unity, respect & impact.

We share Honesty

Shamelessly aiming for:

  • Max amount of impact
  • Min amount of expense
  • Stay below 2 degrees heating

Truth now makes it necessary to be very afraid, concerned & in some situations revolutionarly rebellious.

Open Oneness shares honestly what it means to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.

We welcome any inquiry to any part of our business.  We have no secrets ever.

We opeN finance

Open Budgets & Open Finance

Meaning we post everything for all to see & participate in the decision if they choose.

360 Degree Transparency baby yeah!

Financials Posted Daily

Go here to find daily financial totals, 30 day history, and open financial archives. All of which are stored in blockchain to insure the numbers are permanent.

All financials are posted online daily.  Credit card & debit card transactions being updated in real-time.

Join Us

Your Way


We are always open for those who want to help or partner up in creative ways.  We do our best to accept all feedback, assistance, tips, connections, partnerships &/or collaborations.


All efforts & proceeds go into focusing on the global zero carbon goal.

If working members vote to decide to pay for any roles. ALL paid positions are paid the exact same amount in each country, since we will always exercise open equality.


Fair is fair.

Seriously your heart is more important than background.  One can learn skills, you just need to have desire & passion for saving the world for us to welcome you in.

Hook Up
Introduce yourself, your goals, your dreams, your mission, or what you want to share. Plus introducing us to others through social media, e-mail, word-of-mouth or by open invitation to talk helps get the word out.

Climate Action is tiring work so the more connections the better.

Start A Branch
We are all about growth of impact.  If you want to start a local Open Oneness office in your community.  Please by all means contact us to talk.

The work is so deeply rewarding but if you aspire to be rich, this is sooo not the way to do it.

We do this for purpose, passion, hope & survival.

There is no time or energy for selfishness with us.  Empowering individuals and communiites is our ultimate reward.