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The Future Is Now

" Despite considerable efforts these past four years, we are not on track to achieve the
Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We must dramatically step up the pace of
implementation as we enter a decisive decade for people and the planet. We must connect
the dots across all that we do – as individuals, civic groups, corporations, municipalities and
Member States of the United Nations – and truly embrace the principles of inclusion and sustainability."


António Guterres
Secretary General
United Nationas



Open Oneness fully supports & strives to help Canada reach ongoing sustainable & climate friendly practices by 2050.

Together with everyday people, our businesses & our governements we have everything it will take to not only reach sustainabilty but thrive as a world leader while doing so.

We Are Force Multiplying Sustainabilty Advancement Worldwide

The only way to solve world wide problems is world adopted solutions.  Now more than ever the climate crisis is bringing nations and people from the four corners together to collaborate.

We need free openly public physical spaces for real world solutions to be grasped by the fingertips of those who need them the most, the every day people.

Digitally networking the spaces together assures maximum amount of efficency & effectiveness.  Keeping it free to use assures no one is left behind in knowledge & potential to contribute.

What does this mean for your community's future?

#1. Avoiding wasting tax dollars on failed projects

#2. Home owners & home buyers know the least expensive way to reach zero carbon

#3. Businesses save money transitioning & gain market share through public relations being on point

#4. Avoiding the necessity of carbon taxation by decarbonizing faster than the taxes would result in doing so